freelance research

I am an experienced researcher that has worked on a wide range of projects. I am available as a freelance researcher and historical consultant.

TV Researcher

I have recently worked on a series of documentary films about music and politics which will be shown on major television networks across Europe. I sourced and interviewed subjects for these films, working with a wide range of people – from rappers and gang members to prominent politicians. I have also worked as a location scout. If you need a Lancashire-based TV researcher with an extensive knowledge of the county, culture and a wide range of contacts, then please get in touch.

Historical Consultant

I am an experienced historical researcher that has worked extensively in major archives, libraries and museums across Britain and the US. I am available as a freelance researcher, and can also offer my services as a historical consultant. If you need help with fact-checking or advice on historical research projects then I am sure I am able to help.