Book Review: Dexter by Design, Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay is the highly successful but macabre author of the best-selling Dexter crime novels: ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’, ‘Dearly Devoted Dexter’ and ‘Dexter in the Dark’. Now adapted into the multi-award-winning TV series, ‘Dexter’, starring Michael C. Hall in the title role, they have won him legions of fans and made him an international household name. Lindsay lives in Florida with his family. ‘Dexter by Design’ is his fourth novel in the Dexter series. 

Dexter Morgan is polite, attractive, and the kind of man any mother would love. But he hides a terrible secret... employed as a blood spatter analyst for Miami PD by day, Dexter is a serial killer by night! And in Lindsay’s fourth Dexter novel, the likeable psychopath has a serious problem. 

Used to working with blood, both in the office and when out on the streets killing the bad guys, Dexter doesn’t quite know what to make of the man who says that blood is art and uses the human body as a canvas. And worse still, is he, Dexter Morgan, about to become the latest exhibit? With his life at risk, Dexter needs somewhere to hide, and as he is about to marry long-time girlfriend Rita, what better hiding place than his honeymoon. But can our favourite anti-hero survive this latest attempt to stop him and his ‘good work’.

Like its three predecessors, Dexter by Design is thrilling and darkly humorous, gripping you from the very first page. An enjoyable reunion with an old friend. If you haven’t read the other three... what are you waiting for? 

‘Dexter by Design’ is published in hardback on 5th February 2009, priced £9.99