Film Review: Wicker Park, dir. Paul McGuigan

Matthew (Josh Hartnett) plays a young disillusioned businessman. Due to leave for an important business trip to China, he puts that and his engagement to his boss’s daughter on hold when he thinks he spots his long-lost girlfriend Lisa (Diane Kruger) in a telephone booth. A catalogue of events leaves him one step behind Lisa as he searches for her, and the reasons for her disappearance around Chicago. Until he meets another, much more mysterious 'Lisa' (Rose Byrne).

Made eight years after the original ‘L’Appartement’, Wicker Park fails to deliver the same style, and the acting does not match up to that of Vincent Cassel or Monica Belluci. In fact, Hartnett seems confused as to why he is in this film in the first place.

The Hitchcockian touches of the original are also not as striking in this weak remake - although the cinematography is evocative. However, after a slow start, this thriller can match up to its current rivals at the box office. 

'Wicker Park' is on US nationwide release, 25th April 2003